“Working with Dan was fantastic.  Not only is he a great engineer/producer, but he is also a great guy.”
-Jared, Midnight Jump

“My time at Endless left me wanting to record more!”
Chris Clark, Charlotte Locke

“..we loved the relaxed atmosphere of the building and its surroundings and were immediately comfortable.”
-Sean, Grinding Neutral

“Dan is a hell of a great guy! His studio is my number one choice for local studios.”
-Chris Sonia, Dauntless Mastering

“I have been to Endless Recording Studios twice now… definitely coming back and hopefully soon! Dan is amazing to work with. He is extremely professional and the studio just makes you feel good inside. Best sound quality and extremely reasonable pricing. If you are a musician in the area, you got to check out the studio sometime. You wont regret it!”
-Kaylea Verville

“As a mastering engineer (for Dauntless Mastering) I am pretty picky about studios that I work with. The need to have the attention to detail, controlled listening room and gear that gets the best results, as well as being great people. Endless has the gear and rooms, and Dan is a hell of a great guy! His studio is my number one choice for local studios, and the only choice for the price!”
-Chris Sonia
Dauntless Mastering

“Our band “GRINDING NEUTRAL” first heard of Dan and Endless Recording through our friends in a great metal band known as “MUCKLER’S CIRCLE.” From our initial contact, Dan was professional, courteous, and laid back. When we went to check out the studio we loved the relaxed atmosphere of the building and its surroundings and were immediately comfortable. Whether it be haning out upstairs with all the ammenaties of home, including full bath, kitchen, couches, video games and plenty of instruments to jam on, Endless Recording provides an all around experience that every musician can appreciate. During recording, Dan made every effort to get great sounds including recording himself banging metal in his yard to get an anvil like sound for one of our songs. His approach is very creative and inventive and he always goes the extra mile to the get the best sounds possible. Dan is super easy to work with and transforms what can be a stressful environment into a very relaxed and productive one. We would recommend him to anyone and greatly look forward to working with him again.”
-Sean Cameron
Grinding Neutral

“Endless Recording Studios is the best out there! I’ve recorded there on multiple occasions with varying genres and with varying budgets, Dan made it all work flawlessly. His recording equipment puts others to shame with his microphones from Earthworks, Protools rig, sound isolation room and he even custom built his own console. Dan himself is great to work with and it’s always been a great mix of serious work and fun.

As a professional percussionist, I must say that Dan gets the BEST drum sounds. In a studio, drums are always the hardest. There’s no DI, everything jingles, microphone placement is an engineering science of its own and the drummer typically has to do a whole track in one take. Dan has patched me in mid cymbal hits and made it sound completely natural. He’s also able to put a click or multiple musicians playing live into my headphones, depending on what the band needs.

He also has personal connections with CD printers and Mastering studios, it’s the whole package!

In summary, go with Dan Jameson at Endless Studios, you’ll be in great hands. The list of pro’s are shall I say, Endless?”
-Chris Meyer
Charlotte Locke

“My time at Endless left me wanting to record more! Dan is extremely knowledgeable, proving through the certifications upon certifications hanging on his wall! Not only will he keep the band on track with a schedule, he will also make sure you are delivering what is best for the production. He can do anything, and will do anything to make sure your sound is EXACTLY how you want it. He put one of his extremely expensive microphones underneath a picnic table while it was raining to capture the rain, thunder, crows, etc. for one of our tunes. Dan goes the extra mile. I would recommend him to anyone. We will be working with him for MANY other projects.”
-Chris Clark

Charlotte Locke

“I have used Endless Recording Studios in the past and was completely blown away at the quality we got for the budget we had. I have since recommended MANY other artists to Dan knowing they’d be in great hands!

Keep up the great work Dan!”
Red Falls

“I, as a solo artist, had a great time in the studio being captured by Daniel Jameson, audio guru. In just a few days we captured what I felt was a good session for him to mix. We came out to six basically full “band songs” and one acoustic little diddy. Overall, the time was fun, yet serious, and everyone I show is amazed. He did a great job with everything ranging from the aural sound, to the little tweaks of which only I may ever know. One thing is for sure, I would love to go back to him. Thanks for the quality work and good vibes.”

Sincerely, Dan Fierley.

“We recently recorded six songs with Dan at Endless Recording Studios. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything came out. He was a real pleasure to work with and he most certainly knew what he was doing. We were very impressed with the knowledge brought, all of his equipment (so many mics and headphones!) and his beautiful studio. We are a fairly fresh band with recording and with only one session under out belt before, we really didn’t know what to expect. Dan made us so comfortable as soon as we walked in and talked us through the entire process. He immediately felt like a friend and member of the band. Overall we are very very happy with the way everything came out and we had a whole lot of fun as well. We love it and everyone we talked to that has listened has liked it as well and is impressed with the quality. I also really liked how Dan would more than make sure we were happy and kept stressing the fact that he wanted our music to sound the way we wanted it to. We were there late into the night and it never felt like he was going to kick us out. I can’t Thank You enough Dan! We are definitely satisfied customers and we will most certainly be going back. The facility was awesome and Dan was great! Thank you!

We miss you Dan,”

“Hey Dan thanks for all the recording work you have done so far. My friends, family, and of course my self love all the music I have gotten back from you. When it comes to getting just a song or entire album done I’ll be sure to choose Endless Recording Studios.”

Ian Brown

The Ian Brown Band

“Dan, I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the great job you did for our band Short Notice on our last live demo recording.

You have always made the equipment set up painless, and to everyone’s liking, so that all of our instruments would sound awesome.  Not to mention that we all had fun laying down this project.  The fact that you are also a musician really helped work out the little details, and you were always responsive to our requests.  This makes for a great recording environment that came through in the final product.

You also exercised the patience of a saint in dealing with all of our requests to get the final mix to a point that it met the requirements of everyone’s critical ear.  You treated each recording like it was one of your own songs from a band you are in.

That kind of respect is what the whole experience is about when you go with Endless Recording Studios.  You can expect the best results for the most reasonable price, and have a great time while doing it.

I will recommend you to anyone who wants the best value and sound for their project. You know who I will be calling on for my next recording project,  wouldn’t call anyone else.

Thanks again Dan for a spanktacular job!”

Mike Smith / Bassist – Short Notice

“Dan takes his work very seriously, and is a complete professional in every aspect of the business. I have hired Endless Recording Studios on a number of occasions and every time my expectations have been met. Dan is very precise in his work and super easy to communicate with, a top notch recording engineer for sure.”

Carlo Carluccio – Without Paris

“Hey you rockers out there, do yourself a favor, the next time you want to record your band, pick up the phone and call, Dan Jameson of Endless Recording Studios. This guy is not only a schooled audio engineer, but a rock music enthusiast that’s fun to work with.So,if you want your next recording project to sound great, Dan of Endless Recording Studios can deliver. Thank you again Dan.”

Jim Lough – jwitch

“Endless Recording Studios is a must for any band wanting to get either a full length CD made or a Demo CD.  Dan was terrific to say the least.  He consulted with us via email and telephone prior to our making a decision to hire him.  He coached us prior to our recording date as to whether we should go to his studio or have him come to our place of practice.  We ended up having Dan come to our place.  I couldn’t believe he recorded us in the drummers 2nd story garage of all places.  But he came up there, strategically placed maybe 16 microphones, set up all his equipment and 3 hours later, just like that we had recorded a Demo CD.  Even the “flat recording” sounded good.  But I’m here to tell you the final product, after he took it back to his studio and mixed it down adding effects and so forth, was mind boggling.  Just a 100% pure professional recording.  Outstanding Dan.  Our band is Vital Signs and we are on his website  Fantastic.  We plan on having him record a full length CD later this year.  Rock on Dan, you’re the KING!”

John Ackerson – Vital Signs

“Dan is the man! Im glad that we were the first Ska band to ever get recorded by him. Two thumbs up!”

Tyler Sampsonis – Youthful Minds

“I found Endless Recording Studios on craigslist and was a little skeptical. After talking with Dan I thought he was professional, but after recording with Dan I knew he was professional! We were a new band and needed a good demo to book shows. We have booked many shows and still use his work! thanks Dan, great job!!”

Bill Priestly – Ignition

“Working with Dan was fantastic.  Not only is he a great engineer/producer, but he is also a great guy.  He works hard to capture the sound you are looking for and he is always available for revisions and advice.  He has some of the best recording gear I have seen and he knows how to use it.  There is no better option for bands that want quality work at below market prices.  Use Endless Recording Studios, you wont be disappointed.”

Jared – Savage Pilgrims / Midnight Jump

“Other than forming, our best decision as a band was hiring Endless Recording Studios to record our demo.  Dan was organized, approachable and patient.  We benefitted from his experience and insight throughout every phase of the recording process and were very pleased with the final product he produced. Not only have I recommended him to other bands we have played with, but plan on using him again in the future.”

Dan Morris – Breaking Character

“Endless Recording Studios is a great recording choice, it was my band’s first studio recording, and I feel that we won’t find anyone better at recording us in the future other than him, Daniel Jameson’s the man.”

Cameron Cummings – Youthful Minds

“MUCKLER’S CIRCLE only uses Dan, to us there is no other choice. Thanks Dan for all your efforts, you RULE!”

Jeff Smart – Muckler’s Circle

“Working with Dan has become a very family type experience. All of the bands Dan records get to know each other by knowing Dan, and we all support each other. Dan provides the quality of work that we ask for, even if we want it to sound like crap on purpose, Dan still magically makes it sound perfect. Listening to the music Dan records and comparing it to others, it sounds like one of the nicer studios i can name, then you look at the photos, and talk to the bands to find out it was recorded in a basement, or a practice space.”

Dan Sharrio – The Noise

“I was concerned about having a stuffed shirt audio engineer show up at my house to do our demo. Nothing could be further from the truth. When Dan walked in it was like we were all old friends. He is all about providing you with the exact product you’re looking for, without the “I know what’s best attitude”. He created an atmosphere that made us all relax, which kept us loose to play well as a unit, in return we completed our project in less time than was anticipated. When I heard the rough draft tracks, I was already impressed. Then I listened to our finished product. I was set back. It did not stop there. Dan explained that he would modify anything we saw fit, until we were completely satisfied with the recordings. This was my 3rd recording experience and the only one I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I can’t say enough! THANKS DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Chuck Perras – Vital Signs

“Endless Recording Studios is where State Of Corrections did their first recordings and, still to this day, use them to push our music to the masses!”

Robb A Wells III – State Of Corrections

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